Seven reasons why you should ride a motorcycle.

It’s cheaper than learning to drive.If you are 17 or more, you can ride a 125cc motorcycle on a L-plate with a mandatory basic education (CBT) that costs 150 pounds and takes just one day. To lose the sign L and carry the passenger, you can obtain a license of A1 worth about £ 500 for 2-4 days. Any option is better than spending the recommended 47 hours of study in a few weeks at an average cost of £ 1,128 ..

It’s more cost-effective.

Once you have a license for the CBT or A1, you discover that life on two wheels is much more cost effective than life on four wheels. The purchase of the new car 125cc will allow you much less than buying a car, and when you are on the road, motorcycles are using much less fuel, so you’ll have more money in the bank for fun things …

It’s easier to park.Parking on a motorcycle is much easier than that.

It saves time.

Receipts from A to B on two wheels can definitely save you time. You can filter the traffic, skip to the front of the traffic light, use the bus lanes in some cities, avoid congestion charges in London and have valuable minutes for the trip to Uni. Anything that means a few extra minutes in bed before this 9:00 lecture is supposed to be good, right?Ask someone who drives a motorcycle, why they’re driving, and they’ll say it’s just more fun! Unexpectedly, Unni suddenly gets impatience. You can even find yourself getting up from bed too early and taking a dusty route just to get more time on your bike!

It’s a great way to meet people.Motomyclism comes with a ready-made community of like-minded people who share your passion. Biker meetings, cafes, and horseback groups is the norm, so you’re never dating an assistant to ride. Some young men and women even made a living on an online motorbike, as MotoVloggers and bloggers …

It’s an adventure passport.The Motocyclical movement is much more than just A to B is a way of life that can lead to adventurers once in a lifetime. After you move from the CBT to a full license, think about how to track down the days with your friends, ride Europe on your schedule or on your way through the desert of Morocco. The looping machine is doing its best …

If life on two wheels is starting to sound, you need to start thinking about how best to get involved, and that’s where the UK’s biggest motorcycle show comes in. The Motocycle Live is hosted by NEC in Birmingham on November 17-25 and unites the best of two wheels under one roof …

For non-motorcyclists and biker bikers, this is the perfect place to dive into motorcycles. You can see all the latest bikes, try the whole kit and even have a FREE session on 125cc machine with qualified instructors in a secure and closed indoor environment ..

The show will host more than 40 world motorcycle manufacturers, which will showcase their newest models for visitors. Let’ s talk to the experts on every booth and find out the best way to hit two wheels. One of these manufacturers-Kawasaki-who has recently launched two new motor cycles of 125cc designed for new riders …

The Ninja 125 and Z125 must make a strong style and performance in 2019 and are inspired by the flagship sports bikes of Kawasaki. The ideal choice for circumventing the city and the shorter trips to the countryside, the new Ninja 125 and Z125 engines are supplied by 11kW, which means that they can be dictated by a license for the CBT or A1 bike ..

Z125 is uncompromising, as the Kawasaki Z brand is famous, while the Ninja 125 are carrying the silhouette and the graphics that are paid in World Superbike Champion Jonathan Rea’s Ninja ZX-10RR. Both machines offer the perfect balance of style, capacity and performance, which makes them ideal for new drivers. They are, unquestionably cool, the only question you choose?

For one lucky winner, this choice will become a reality, as Motorcycle-Live and Kawasaki have joined forces to offer an exclusive prize of about £ 4,500 for Save the Student. The prize includes:.

  • New motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja 125 or Z125.
  • Tickets on Motorcycle Live for the winner and five friends.
  • Mandatory course of basic training at Kawasaki School.
  • For more information about visiting Motorcycle Live.

    For more information on visiting Kawasaki.

    For more information about visiting the Kawasaki Rider educational institution