Do you have to take a gp year between high school and college? if so, why and where?.

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In the past, when their children were offered “courage” between the high school and the college, they would not be in themselves. These parents knew that their offspring could return to school after some time from the academic community. But then President Obama’s daughter announced that she was going to take a year off before her participation at Harvard, and that “year of rupture” was born … to go to the world. Before I start college? If so, how should you spend your year before you start college next fall? Keep reading to get ideas about where to go and what to do during the year … Improve Language skills. One of the big reasons for taking the year is that you can strengthen your conversative skills in another language. You may have taken four years of Spanish in high school, but you can speak fluently, unless you are. in Hispanic culture? Use some of your years to work or travel in countries that speak language. Make sure you put yourself in a situation when you are forced to use your language. When you start dreaming in a second language, you know that you are free … Make it your Great Room.You want to be a chef? Why not travel to different parts of the world to try different cubes? You can even take some cooking lessons in other regions to find out which type of cooking is the most … Are you studying architecture? Use your year to immerse yourself in the study of the great buildings of the world. You never know how an analysis of how houses built on a hillside in Greece can help you design apartments for people living in Colorado later in your career … Time for the other. One of the best ways to spend your time is to serve others. Use your year to travel to developing countries. your time with aid organizations, so you can get a closer view of how other cultures and economic groups live. Those who participate in voluntary visits come with a clearer view of the way most people live in the world. Volunteers will make you the best citizen of the world and a better man. Besides, it could make you a more grateful person … See: Natural world. Take advantage of your strong backs and youthful energy to see as much of the world as you can do in the natural world. Lift the Alps. Finish the Appalachian. Downloading the Great Barrier Reef. Though it is hard to imagine that your body will deteriorate over time. Don’t ride the road while you still can do it … Look at the different carriages. The choice of a large and career path is difficult. Use the time of year to complete short internships in different career paths. Ensure that some of these traineeships are in other states or countries. College is expensive, and you don’t want to waste your time and money on classes that are useless after you decide to change career paths …

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Find out how to be independent. Let’ s face it. You may be following your parents for much of your life, your head is buried in your phone when you’re going to be periodically searching to make sure your parents are still on the path … Travels on your own, you have to be independent. You will learn how to navigate the world using your resources. If you take the mileage, you may find out more about being an adult than any other time of your life. Time to relax. College is not easy, especially if your training program requires that you also attend the school “grad”. Before jumping from head to program that will require hours of study and internship, you may want to spend time on the beach and write poems. Take the time to a perfect boarding school or learn how to ski.  You will work for the rest of your life. You can also have as many pleasures as you can before entering daily slats .. No matter where you go during the year, and what you do, remember that time is a gift. Use it well. Put your phone down and forget the Netflix password. Use time to become more rounded and independent