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Thursday, 16 May 2013.

Advances in technology have led to a sharp change in the productive sector in recent times as a result of innovation, combined with creative and project changes of staff. Change is of paramount importance to the success of any organization. In fact, firms that are superior to those that adapt to change as soon as they happen. It is important to note that the transformation in the manufacturing sector has contributed significantly to the efficiency of processes and to the improvement of the quality of products and services. It follows that the change that occurs as a result of innovation is the key to increasing the competitive advantage of any organization. While these changes have affected most industries, the mobile industry faces a variety of innovations in terms of new projects that access the market almost every day. These changes have become vital to determine the productivity of any company in the mobile industry worldwide

Undoubtedly, the mobile industry has several names that dominate the market, especially in 21

Nokia has also adjusted its technology and innovation to the requirements of a dynamic market. Since 2008, Nokia has been the best seller of mobile phones since its Symbian OS. Symbian has previously been used by other mobile giants such as Sony Erickson, Motorola and Samsung, which have since used Android, opened by Google in 2009.  For many years Nokia was still proud of the development of the operating system, which was used by its competitors in the market. However, Apple has revolutionized the market after iPhone and Android development on Google. As a result of these competition factors, Samsung has replaced Nokia as the leading mobile production with the highest market share worldwide (Reedy, 2009).  To remain relevant in the innovation market, Nokia has packed a deal with Microsoft to use the Windows Mobile operating system instead of Symbian. The projects that are likely to contribute to the competitiveness of Nokia on the market

Sneak Limited is one of the players who accepted Android Google as soon as it was introduced. As a result, the company increased sales and the market share. In addition, Sneak managed to create inexpensive but high-quality mobile phones with an attractive feature to attract customers. This idea does not matter because most players offer the same prices at higher prices. First of all, innovation has had a huge impact on the design of mobile phones being developed by each company. The use of sensory screens has become common to major players, with changes to make them more likely on the market. For example, Nokia and Sneak developed touch screens that are unstable and do not store user fingerprints. This has led to the uniqueness of their competitors. These changes are likely to continue as a result of innovation to meet market needs

The communication system has also changed in terms of design. For example, phones have changed in shape, weight and characteristics. A few years ago, most mobile phones were large, heavy and poor, such as low-resolution cameras. For example, Nokia was one of the first companies to develop phones with media such as cameras and media that were accepted in all companies. It is considered to be one of the successful strategies used by Nokia as the leading mobile phone. By the time the other manufacturers entered the market, Nokia received an impenetrible market share. Mobile telephone companies are highly concentrated on the development of devices to distinguish them from other market participants. Nokia has succeeded in changing design because it has developed many models

It should be noted that changes in design can also have a significant impact on mobile phone companies. For example, Nokia had to fire some employees after it accepted the Windows operating system due to changes in the processes that were affected. Similarly, Sneak would have to restructure its software segment after it supported Android Operating System for its communications devices. Therefore, application developers do not need to be available on the Android market. So Sneak has changed the design of its products. There is no need to develop phones with games and other applications, as before. This further affects the provision of services and production lines of the company. As a way to counter the impact on the Android market, Nokia unveil its Ovi store, which, unfortunately, could not match its rival’s influence. Unlike the Android market that hosts the Ovi Store applications, they have a handful. However, the company is likely to recover from the introduction of Windows Operating System for its mobile phones. This allows Nokia users to access hundreds of applications through the Window Repository. In this regard, Nokia will delete the production of phones that are packaged by applications, giving their users the freedom to choose their preferred applications

Creative is highly valued as the foundation of any mobile manufacturing company. In fact, no company can make a breakthrough in the market without creativity. The role of a cellular company in the development of ideas and projects that can outperform their competitors in terms of the winning clients in the market. Nokia is seen as one of the world’s leading creative mobile producers. For many years, the company has created mobile phones in excess of the imagination of customers all over the world. In order to achieve this goal, Nokia pays special attention to the creative workers and outsourcing of services of other companies with creative potential. Through Nokia competitions, Nokia can appreciate the creative ability of participants from around the world (PR Newswire, 2006, Feb 09). In this case, Sneak Limited pays special attention to the purchase of ideas. This culture continues to be a culture that promotes creative production, even though it encourages the creativity of staff to become more competitive. In order to achieve this goal, Sneak has a creative department that should determine the future creative approach of the company in the production of mobile phones

Overall, the success of any company depends to a large extent on its ability to adapt to and adapt to changes in the industry to meet customer needs and remain competitive. Recognition of these changes is important in addressing many issues. First of all, we cannot ignore the changes in the mobile sector. giants in industries such as Nokia, Sneak, Apple and Samsung, constantly support innovation, new designs and creativity in a dynamic world of technology

PR Newswire (2009). Nokia announces the creation of a program to reward Nokia’s winners at the Forum in recognition of the outstanding individual developers of mobile applications.

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