Book Review Essay Step-By-step Guide

A good book review helps readers understand the author’s intentions while writing it as well as get the message the author wanted to send. Whether it’s a criticism or praise, a book review format should remain untouched for the work to qualify as an academic paper.

If you are unaware of the book review essay writing process, the following article will be of help.

What Is a Book Review Essay?

‘What is a book review essay?’ is a common question among students. Many of them confuse a book review with a book report. Also, lots of students think that if they are allowed to choose a book, the need to follow writing standards and academic structure fades. On the contrary, students are supposed to be diligent in all requirements when writing a book review.

A book review is a form of criticism that helps analyze the main ideas of the book. This essay is not for retelling the story. It serves as an opinion-based and thorough analysis of the book.

Thus, the question “how long should a book review be?” is incorrect. It should be enough to analyze all the opinions you’ve had while reading the book.


What to Include in Your Book Review Essay?

Before you get to writing, we recommend starting with a book review outline. This template will help you create:

·  A catchy intro

·  Book information in brief

·  Plot summary in brief

·  Both praise and critique

·  Recommendations

·  Rating

How to Write a Book Review Essay?

The question “how to write a book review essay?” is often asked by students who lose their temper, searching for the right book review example. There are many academic book reviews written in the wrong way. This confuses students and makes them follow the wrong pattern.

First of all, your book review essay writing should be unique. It should have a thesis and develop in a logical manner. If the essay lacks this logic, no one would comprehend the ideas you try to share.

To help you figure out how to review a book, we’ve come up with a detailed guide. It will definitely help you understand what observations and assessments made while reading are worthy of being discussed in an essay.

Introduction of a Book Review Essay

An academic book review format should start with a proper introduction. It should contain what’s called a hook – a sentence or two that actually makes the readers want to read further. 

However, the introduction of a book review essay varies based on books and audiences.

 You can introduce your arguments in a different way to meet the goal you pursue.

What is it that introductions consist of in books reviews examples? Here is the answer:

1. The name of the author and a book.

2. Details about the author and the link to the main theme.

3. The context of the book to understand how, when, and why it was written.

4. The main thesis of the book.

5. Your thesis statement as the reason why you write this academic book review.

Summary of a Book Review Essay

How to write an academic book review without a summary? Simply put - this is impossible. A reader needs to rely on certain facts and events to understand your opinions and evaluations. However, a great summary of a book review should not in any way be a spoiler to the readers.

Moreover, while writing a good book review, remember that a summary should be as brief as possible. Don’t get into details too much. Summarize the facts that really matter for your analysis.

Also, have your audience in mind. For example, some audiences may have already read the book. No details are needed then. If you know that your readers are new to the book, you may need to spend more time writing out the summary part.

Analysis and evaluation of the book

The central part of your college book review essay is the paragraphs dedicated to the analysis and evaluation of the book. This is why we write the essay in the first place: to provide an in-depth and comprehensive book evaluation.

Analysis and evaluation of book review essay deal with your main arguments. 

The arrangement of this part can be complicated because you need to make sure readers see the book as a whole just the way you do. 

You don’t need to focus on the chronology of the events. Instead, give your preference to logic and sense.

Analysis and evaluation are the main elements of a book review. They can discuss methods, themes, and other elements of the book. In addition, it’s the part where you can make comparisons and add quotations. However, remember that it’s your book that remains in the spotlight.

Conclusion of Book Review Essay

If you wonder how to end a book review properly - here are some tips. You should avoid any new statements and open questions.

Book review guidelines say that to conclude the paper you need to restate your thesis and make a final judgment of the book. In other words, you either agree or disagree with your thesis statement as well as recommend further action to your readers.

A conclusion of book review essay may not call readers to read the book. If you criticize it and the author, you may as well imply that reading it was nothing but a waste of time. However, you need to find the right words for it to sound professional.

Book Review Essay Template

Writing a good book review is easier if you have a good book review essay template to follow. You don’t have to make up anything on your own. The format and style for a book review are standardized.

Great examples are already available on the Internet. Of course, you shouldn’t copy them. 

They serve to help you figure out how to write a review of a book for it to be academic and easy to read.

We’ve provided a few samples for you if you are interested in the structure and format. Having these book review examples, high chances are that your essay will get even a higher grade than you expect.

Tips for Writing a Book Review Essay

So, to summarize how to do a book review, let’s conclude this article with a few tips for writing a book review essay.

·  Make it stick to the topic. Don’t use vague sentences and hard-to-read constructions. Don’t turn your essay into something boring and tedious. Instead, have in mind those who’ll read it. Keep your readers engaged.

·  Always proofread your paper before submitting it. If it’s structured perfectly but has lots of inconsistencies, it can’t be graded high. Don’t risk, always proofread and edit.

Remember that you are writing about a book which was once written by somebody who put lots of effort into it. Don’t neglect that. Have respect and use ethical expressions even if you are writing a critique.

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